On healthy and unhealthy 
meal replacement shakes 

VEGETABLES  instead  of  starch

Key points
  • BENJA contains lots of vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and kale), while most meal replacements use sugar and starch.
  • Sugar and starch cause high sugar peaks in the blood, which is unhealthy and accelerates aging.
  • One BENJA contains 460 grams of vegetables, which is more than the full daily recommended amount of vegetables (which should be at least 300 grams of vegetables per day).
  • Vegetables contain hundreds of substances (vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, carotenoids, stilbenes, isothiocyanates, etc.) that are very important to keep your body fit and healthy.


Most meal replacements do not contain vegetables! How weird is that?
This is very bad, given that vegetables should be the basis of every healthy diet.
Instead of vegetables, many meal replacements use starchmaltodextrin (a type of starch), flour (also starch) or even refined white sugar.
Sugar and starch are very cheap ingredients. More profit for them, less health for you!
Starch, flour and maltodextrin are made up of chains of glucose.
So just like sugar, starch, flour and maltodextrin also cause high sugar peaks in your blood, which can bring about all kinds of undesirable effects such as chronic inflammation, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and off course your after dinner dip (read: “food coma”). High sugar peaks increase the risk of all kinds of disorders and accelerate aging.
BENJA does not want to contribute to the above.
Vegetables are super healthy and should form the basis of every healthy meal. Not starch or sugar. 
That is why the the main ingredients of BENJA are cauliflowerbroccoli and kale.
These vegetables contain hundreds of healthy substances such as flavonoids, stilbenes, phenolic acids, phytosterols, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and sulforaphanes.

You do not find much of these in starch, flour or oatmeal.
Numerous scientific studies show that eating lots of vegetables make healthy and make you live longer.
Moreover, if you eat a lot of vegetables, you start to feel better: you feel more productive, fitter, less tired, you have better concentration, in short: you just feel good.
Most people eat too few vegetables however. They do not have time to prepare vegetables or do not like them.

It’s not easy to achieve your daily intake of required vegetables. We understand. That is why we have developed BENJA: an ideal way to get your daily dose of good stuff!
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