On healthy and unhealthy 
meal replacement shakes


Key points

  • Herbs have many healthy effects on the body, such as reducing inflammation, protecting DNA, and reducing protein accumulation (which plays a role in aging).*
  • BENJA is the first meal replacement shake that specifically adds various herbs for their health benefits.

BENJA is the first meal replacement shake that deliberately adds all kinds of herbs.
This is because herbs play important roles in maintaining health and slowing down aging.

Some examples of health effects that herbs can achieve:

  • Herbs reduce inflammation. The more inflammation, the less healthy and the faster you age (this is called ‘inflamaging’). 
  • Herbs inhibit specific aging processes, such as protein accumulation. One of the reasons why we age is because everywhere in and around our cells proteins accumulate, hampering the proper functioning of the cells. Herbs such as turmeric can inhibit this protein accumulation. BENJA also contains many other substances to slow down protein accumulation.
  • Herbs can reduce DNA damage. DNA damage plays a role in aging.
  • Herbs contain antibacterial substances, which inhibit bacterial overgrowth in the gut. Bacterial overgrowth means that there are too many bacteria in the gut. The bacteria damage the gut wall, which becomes permeable for all sorts of toxic substances, which leak from from the gut into the blood (scientists call this “increased gastrointestinal permeability”). Bacterial overgrowth often occurs because of the typically Western diet that contains too many sugars and starch, which are food for bacteria in the gut, causing them to replicate more.
  •  And more.
In short, herbs are important for our health. In the past, people ate much more herbs.

It’s time to restore this tradition.

Hence BENJA contains all kinds of healthy herbs, such as curcumacuminginger and oregano.

* These claims were not substantiated by the European Food Safety Authority (we are obliged to mention this). However, the EFSA does not investigate such claims on its own initiative and often lags behind for many years with the findings from the scientific literature.

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