The difference between healthy and unhealthy meal replacement shakes


Many meal replacements contain animal protein. Too much animal protein.
We don’t like that at BENJA.
Vegetable proteins instead of animal proteins are a lot healthier for you. And they are also better for our planet.
Animal proteins are found in milk (milk protein, such as whey protein), meateggs and cheese. Animal husbandry is extremely damaging to the planet.
To produce one kilo of beef15.000 liters of water (4000 gallons) is needed.
For comparison: to produce one kilo of broccoli250 liters of water (66 gallons) is needed.
Vegetable proteins are from plants such as broccoli, legumes, nuts and seeds. It takes much less land, water, oil and energy to grow plant proteins than animal proteins.

Many governments now recommend eating less animal protein and more vegetable proteins. This is healthier for your body.
BENJA contains no animal proteins, only proteins from plant sources, such as broccoli, kale and lentils.
We don’t even add extra soy protein (as in other meal replacements), because BENJA contains enough protein from the main ingredients themselves.

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